The mission for Questte is to provide support for your personal quest. The word Questte combines quest (to seek, need, or long for) with “te”, the Japanese word for hand — Questte provides a hand to help you to clarify, pursue and achieve your personal goals and desires.

Experts agree that if you pursue the important and meaningful activities and purposes of your life, you will be happier, more fulfilled, and more satisfied. Living with purpose and meaning supports personal and professional success and promotes health and well-being over a lifetime. And those who live intentionally have fewer regrets when they look back on their lives.

Sometimes, the busyness, challenges, and demands of our daily lives distract us from what is most important. Perhaps you are seeking something more or something different from your life. Perhaps you long for something you are missing. Perhaps you want to refocus and re-prioritize your life on what’s important to you now. That’s your quest.

There is every reason why getting started on your quest can be challenging. It may require change against the forces of inertia, routine, and familiar comforts. Or a fight against fears of the unknown and uncertainties.  Whatever your quest, begin!

Embracing the Quest puts you on a continuously unfolding page of self-discovery.
— Laurence G. Boldt