I can help you…

  • create the positive changes you seek in your life.

  • understand and navigate life transitions.

  • identify what’s important, explore blind spots, and move past obstacles to pursue your quest.

  • get started and stay on track.

  • reframe your challenges so that you can find a new path forward.

Sometimes people think they don’t have enough (talent, smarts, courage, time, money, insert your choice…) to start their quest. You are enough! It’s only in starting your quest that you come to find out what can come from the potential of who you are!

Let’s talk.  Contact me to arrange a meeting.

For those who who wish to work with me individually, a package of three to six meetings with online support between meetings is recommended. It provides a framework from which to make progress and offers complimentary online support between meetings. You can easily renew the package as needed.

You can also arrange meetings by the hour on an as-needed basis, but this is not as optimal if continuity and online support are desired.  

Coaching sessions are available by phone and via Zoom or Skype as well as in person.

Please inquire about custom group sessions and workshops (e.g., for Immunity to Change, Midlife and Beyond, etc.).  Other services are available upon request and as appropriate to support your goals and pursuits.

Your privacy is protected.

Everything we discuss, including the consultation, will be treated in confidence. A written confidentiality statement will be included in the coaching agreement we’ll sign should we work together.